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When stroke strikes, part of your brain shuts down. And so does a part of you. Life changes instantly and recovery is tough. But the brain can adapt. Our specialist support, research and campaigning are only possible with the courage and determination of the stroke community. With more donations and support from you, we can rebuild even more lives.

We hope that friends and family can support this cause as we have experienced the effects of a Stroke to family and friends that we know.

During the marathon run Tim will be thinking of his cousin in law, David Buffin, who had a stroke 8 years ago (just aged 50) and recently died from pneumonia. He never recovered from his initial Stroke and spent the remainder of his life in care with his wife Karen and family at his side. Also will be thinking of former business partner Ross Perrett who suffered a stroke a few years ago and thankfully recovered with sheer guts and determination to flourish again. A true inspiration to us all. Also Tim’s Uncle Ian in Adelaide, Australia suffered a Stroke a few years ago and with the help of the dedicated health professionals he is making his recovery. Keep it going.

Since January 4th, 2020, Tim Lobb has started a fitness campaign to lose weight and get fit for his 50th birthday which was in May 2020. A love for running and counting calories has seen a successful weight loss of 20kg/ 3 stone or 45lbs in the past six months.

This run will be the culmination of a major fitness regime, a lifelong dream to run a full marathon and hopefully inspire others to get up, put their sneakers on and do some exercise. It just may save your life.

Tim hopes to complete the marathon in under four hours and thank you all for visiting this page and donating if you can.


If you would like to come and run a few miles with Tim or support on the day please email directly to tlobb@lobbandpartners.com for directions. We would love to see you.


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