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Lobb & Partners has exciting new possibilities from a union agreed to tackle the Canadian golf market. Alex Hay, a former team member at European Golf Design, recently moved to Canada, and the two have formed a partnership to pursue Canadian prospects.


Alex Hay and Tim Lobb during Canadian workshop in Whistler.

Alex Hay (L)  and Tim Lobb (R)  have formed a partnership to service the Canadian market.



Alex said: “Canada is a major golf market, in fact, as a proportion of total population, more Canadians play golf than residents of any other country except Scotland. It’s also true that Canada has a rich history of quality golf course designs and facilities, but we believe that we can bring something new to the market. We have a number of exciting prospects that we are reviewing now and look forward to producing some stimulating and thought provoking designs.”


WRITTEN ON February 2nd, 2019 BY Tim AND STORED IN Tim Lobb


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