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The LOBB + PARTNERS eNewsletter – Autumn 2018


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Lobb + Partners Newsletter – Autumn 2018

A year in review, and a look at the new one
The arrival of a new year always gives the opportunity to look back on the year that has just passed, and to make a call about how successful it has been. For Lobb & Partners, 2018, was frantic, servicing projects all across the world, and 2019 looks set to be even better. Here's a quick run through the highlights of 2018.

January: We began site analysis (with Naki Evrandir of GolfTek) and initial masterplanning (with Adam Crozier of Hatch) of the new Regnum Ankara Golf and Country Club. The rolling 200 ha site is 30 minutes outside of Ankara city and represents a wonderful prospect.

Initial site visits to Ankara project during January.

February: Several meetings with original designer Brian Huggett about the redesign of the (newly acquired by Darwin Escapes) The Springs Golf Club in Oxfordshire. Construction began shortly afterwards, keeping up a frantic pace.

March: More Ankara workshops with masterplanning team and client in both London and Turkey. Working hard to finalise the golf/residential boundary so we can start with earthworks design and start construction. To Cannes for the MIPIM conference and to Cairo to visit NEWGIZA and Soma Bay. Time to commence earthworks design for Soma Bay in Hurgada!

April: Family holiday to Melbourne and Sydney to see family and friends. Finished off earthworks design for Ankara holes 11-14 while away and construction started. Returned to immediate site visit for Ankara construction kickoff and then our EIGCA AGM in Bruges, Belgium - what a city!

May: Attended Neil Wyatt's funeral service, one of the saddest days of my life but affirmed my love for this caring industry we are in. A lot of support for the Wyatt family there.

June: Site visit to one of my favourite golf courses on the planet - Royal Jersey Golf Club. Meetings at St Georges Hill to finalise the winter works programme. The Springs is in full construction and we sadly see the passing of business partner, friend and mentor - Peter Thomson, surrounded by his family at home in Melbourne.

July: Attended the opening of our new 18 hole course in Bodrum, Turkey. This was a true collaboration with contractor Naki Evrandir of GolfTek as the ground conditions were so tough and we had to adapt to best suit.

August: Summer is in full force in the UK with a heatwave on us. The Springs is continuing at a rate of knots with contractor Profusion Environmental. Another trip to Cairo to inspect progress of NEWGIZA for the end of year opening.

NEWGIZA site visits to finalise grassing for opening in December.

September: Always a golfing highlight of the year is to host our annual golf day. This year we played for the Thomson Cup on the glorious Red Course at the Berkshire Golf Club, with the winner being Neil White from AECOM.

October: Site visit to Ankara, with shaping of all 18 holes nearing completion on this rapid fire construction. Further meetings at Woking Golf Club and the Berkshire Golf Club to finalise winter works.

November: Submitted plans for new work at Worplesdon Golf Club. Attended the Turkish Airlines Open at Carya GC with three valued clients of ours. Went to Scotland to look at a potential site with a US investor and did our last site visit to Ankara to finalise shaping works prior to winter shut down. Attended meetings at Huntercombe Golf Club to finalise our winter works. Our new 18 hole course NEWGIZA in Cairo opens for play and St Georges Hill starts construction of their winter works.

Our ongoing work at Colt's St George's Hill Golf Club in full swing.

December: Starting to come up for air now. Went to British Columbia in Canada to attend meetings with Alex Hay, our new design partner in Canada. Gained a new heathland commission but lost in the selection process for another. You can't win them all and the day I realised that, many years ago, was the day that my stress and anxiety levels dropped!

Tim Lobb

Rose wins second Turkish Airlines Open

November saw the third staging of the Turkish Airlines Open, part of the European Tour's season-ending Race to Dubai, at the Regnum Carya resort in Belek, which Tim designed for Thomson Perrett & Lobb.

Justin Rose wins the Turkish Airlines Open again at Carya Golf Club.

Justin Rose won the tournament, for the second year in succession, after a playoff with Li Haotong which saw him, briefly, return to the top of the world rankings. Rose was full of praise for the Carya course, which received a great response from the professionals all week, especially in respect of its conditioning: "The golf course isn't particularly easy, though if you hit some good tee shots, you can have some wedges in your hand. But the weather is what's making it scoreable. It's just absolutely perfect golfing conditions. Such a great venue for a golf trip or a family holiday."

This was the tournament's third staging at Carya, and, as before, Tim attended the event, along with a number of key partners and clients. "It's fascinating to go and watch top players on a course we worked on so passionately, and to see how they attack the course." he said. "It's wonderful to come here and reflect that this was our first project with Fikret Ozturk - and we're still working with him in Ankara!"

NEWGIZA is opened for play

The golf course element of the enormous NEWGIZA project outside Cairo, Egypt, is finally open for play. Signed by Thomson, Perrett & Lobb back in 2005, New Giza has been a huge undertaking, even more so since Tim has been involved since the original site masterplanning stage.

The NEWGIZA golf course occupies a quite unique limestone quarry environment, that Tim, along with his construction team, adapted to provide the basic strategy of the golf holes. For example, the par three sixth hole is split between upper and lower areas; the green is down in a quarry, while some of the fairway is up higher, sitting atop a vertical cliff.

NEWGIZA welcomes golfers to enjoy the dramatic course.

Medhat el Dewary, CEO of Degla CFM, the company responsible for the Construction and Operation of the NEWGIZA development said: "Having the golf course open for play is a major step forward for the whole NEWGIZA project. We know it has been a massive build, that has taken quite a long time, and we're extremely grateful to Tim and his team, as we are to the rest of our consultants and construction team, for their commitment to the project."

New Canadian partnership is formed

Lobb & Partners has exciting new possibilities from a union agreed to tackle the Canadian golf market. Alex Hay, a former team member at European Golf Design, recently moved to Canada, and the two have formed a partnership to pursue Canadian prospects.

Alex Hay (L) and Tim Lobb (R) together in Whistler, Canada on recent workshop.

Alex said: "Canada is a major golf market, in fact, as a proportion of total population, more Canadians play golf than residents of any other country except Scotland. It's also true that Canada has a rich history of quality golf course designs and facilities, but we believe that we can bring something new to the market. We have a number of exciting prospects that we are reviewing now and look forward to producing some stimulating and thought provoking designs."

Lake walling - making the choices

On many of our projects we have walls around lake edges to enhance the edge treatment and to bring greens or tees closer to the water. So how do we decide whether we will use timber or rock?

Quite often if the site is rocky and during the earthworks a lot of rock is excavated then we will use that as the walling. Using a recycled product of this kind saves money, and the wall will look a natural colour because it has come from onsite.

The French Oak sleeper wall at The Springs Golf Club sits perfectly in its environment.

For our new 18 holer in Ankara our walling and open ditches are being constructed from onsite rock - and they're looking great. The walls are dry stone with tightly fitting smallish rock. We are really happy with the outcome and think it suits this open and expansive site. We have always found that sites with limited vegetation look better with rock.

In a different direction we have completed a full renovation of a parkland course in Oxfordshire called The Springs Golf Club. The site is quite compact, flattish and tree lined. Because of the parkland feel we decided to use a wooden wall treatment. We had done a similar construction method at The Buckinghamshire and knew that it has a huge wow factor. The French Oak timber provides a stunning line and appearance on this site.

Who are we?

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