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The LOBB + PARTNERS eNewsletter – Summer 2019


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Lobb + Partners Newsletter – Summer 2019
Welcome to our October newsletter. It has been quite a summer for Lobb + Partners; the opening of our NEWGIZA course in Egypt after a very long and complicated build was a huge milestone for us - and the course has already received some great response.

But Egypt and NEWGIZA is far from the whole story. Our newbuild activities have continued moving forward in both Egypt and Turkey - and we have a bunch of new opportunities in different countries that we hope to be able to report in future newsletters - and our course renovation business is doing great, with all three of the famous 'Three Ws' near Woking in Surrey now working with us.

As such, we expect to bump into more golfers than ever before just in the course of our day to day work. So if we see you around, we offer you best wishes, and if we don't, we still hope things go well for you. Good golfing.

Tim Lobb

Record-breaking golf day

The annual Lobb + Partners golf day took place in July and set records on two levels - the most participants, with forty, and the highest temperature, close to 40C! The venue was Burhill GC's lovely Old course, designed by Willie Park Jr in 1908. We have been working with the Burhill group for close to ten years on a number of projects on both the Old and New courses, so it was great to bring friends and guests out to see the course, including the new-look par four fifth hole.

The actual high temperature for the day was a stifling 38.6C, and Mark Ganning of Hunter Industries won the competition with 38 Stableford points - the second time his name has appeared on the Thomson Cup. Congratulations to Mark, and thank you to everyone who attended, plus to Colin Mayes and his great team at Burhill.

View the annual Lobb + Partners golf day video >>

Winner of the annual Thomson Cup for 2019 was Mark Ganning, held at Burhill Golf Club.

Winter works at Worpy

We are preparing for another winter of renovation works at the wonderful Worplesdon GC in Surrey, one of the famous neighbouring 'Three Ws', all of which are now Lobb + Partners clients. Worplesdon was originally laid out by JF Abercrombie, with the greens and bunkers built by Willie Park Jr, and our brief for the ongoing works is to help the club's staff encourage the return of heather to ensure that Worplesdon remains authentically a heathland course, while at the same time improving the maintainability of the course's bunkers. "This year we plan to renew the bunkering on holes eight to ten, plus sixteen through to eighteen," says secretary Chris Lomas. "The first phase of work, completed last winter, has been very well received by members and guests alike, and we're looking forward to getting these six holes done too."

Completed works to hole three in phase one. Photograph by Kevin Murray.

Ankara grassing completed

The Regnum Ankara Golf Estate course, the first full-sized golf course in the region of the Turkish capital city, has completed grassing and is now growing in, in preparation for opening in spring 2020. The course is the third collaboration between Lobb and developer Fikret Ozturk, and is also the fifth course built by the architect and contractors Naki Evandr and Cengizhan Bolükbasi of GolfTek. "It has been a really efficient construction process, testimony to the advantages of having a strong team who have worked together before," says Lobb. "It was a well-thought-out, considered job, which required great flexibility in responding to site conditions because of the nature of the property. It's great to continue our successful run in Turkey, a country I love to visit and to work in."

Grassing completed for new 18 hole course at Regnum Ankara Golf and Country Club.

Working with L+P, a clients perspective

Producer Colin Hancock of AllOneWorld Media, an old friend, has just completed a new film exploring what it is like to partner with a professional firm of golf architects - using L+P as a case study. "Colin spoke to a number of our clients to get a feel for what the process of working with a golf architect is like," says Tim Lobb. "I hope that viewing the film will help inform potential customers - mostly existing clubs, but new-build developers too - of what to look for when trying to choose a golf architect. All projects are different, and require a subtly different approach, but many of the underlying characteristics are consistent - there is a need for architect and client to develop a joint structure for problem-solving to resolve the inevitable differences of opinion that arise on every project, plus it is essential always to keep playability in the front of everyone's mind. It's easy for everyone in a golf project to get seduced by a particular idea or hole that looks cool, but which may not actually be suitable for all golfers, or which might be harmful to the rest of the project. Different types of golf need different questions and answers. One size fits all approaches rarely work."

New video from our clients describing their experiences of working with LOBB + PARTNERS.

Tim features in major magazine

Golf Digest Middle East recently interviewed Tim Lobb, read the 5 page feature via link.

Tim Lobb was the subject of a major five page interview and article recently in Golf Digest Middle East magazine. The article, written by editor Kent Gray, which was centred on the recent opening of the NEWGIZA course in Egypt, explored Tim's past, right back to his taking up the game as a kid in Melbourne, through his time with Ted Parslow and European Golf Design and his partnership with Ross Perrett and Peter Thomson, as well as looking at the work the firm currently has under way, including the in-construction second course at Soma Bay in Egypt. Lobb cites sustainability as the priority for golf architecture in the future, and cites advice from Peter Thomson - 'always be yourself' as the most important thing anyone has told him.

Read the feature on Golf Digest here >>

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