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The LOBB + PARTNERS eNewsletter – October 2016


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Welcome To Lobb + Partners
In recent months we have been undergoing a transition from Thomson Perrett & Lobb (TPL) to LOBB + PARTNERS following the planned retirement of five times Open Champion and TPL chairman Peter Thomson.

Peter Thomson
Peter Thomson retires after a wonderful golf course design career.
Peter said in a statement:

'Due to my age, declining health and in consultation with my family and two partners Ross and Tim, I have decided to retire completely from the golf design businesses, Thomson Perrett in Melbourne and Thomson Perrett & Lobb in London.

'I have encouraged Ross and Tim to continue with their own golf design practices for our ongoing projects, as well as creating new golf courses long into the future

'Henceforth, in London, Tim's company will be LOBB + PARTNERS and I wish him continued success with his design practice.

'I have enjoyed a wonderful association with both Ross and Tim, as I did in the past with Michael Wolveridge. Together, over more than 51 years we have embarked upon many exciting projects in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Asia, the Middle East and more recently Africa, bringing the game to regions previously without proper golf courses. This has given me much satisfaction as I reflect on our achievements.

'My affection for all three of my partners is ongoing. I wish them well in the future and I am sure our friendship will continue always'.

Peter Thomson AO, CBE


August 2016 saw the retirement of one of the legends of golf, close friend and mentor Peter Thomson. It is with his support and encouragement that we are proud to announce the launch of LOBB + PARTNERS, Europe's newest design practice, specialists in golf course design and golf community masterplanning.

Tim Lobb
    Tim Lobb launches LOBB + PARTNERS following retirement of Peter Thomson.
Tim Lobb, principal, brings with him a distinguished career spanning 20 years and more than 50 projects throughout the world. The establishment of LOBB + PARTNERS carries with it a renewed drive and enthusiasm for innovative course design and development.

Lobb said 'LOBB + PARTNERS remains dedicated to maintaining the high-quality standards of design and services that has been a defining characteristic of Thomson Perrett & Lobb.

We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition as we continue to service the many existing global projects all the while forging ahead to establish our own international brand'.

OUR PARTNERS: "My partners are everyone I have met and worked with in the industry over the past twenty years, from masterplanners to agronomists to project managers to marketeers, and that means I can bring an experienced team of people with a complete range of skills to any project. My company name was inspired by Sir Norman Foster's acclaimed London architectural firm FOSTER + PARTNERS, as they have a wonderful team approach to designing the most iconic buildings in the world." Lobb said.

We look forward to keeping our readers updated on our progress.

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